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The new species of money in digital form.  Like banknotes, it gives you absolute power and authority, but with the financial transparency and efficiency banknotes never had...

netnote is 

Money 3.0

R E - M O N E Y

Money is unanimously defined as a “medium of exchange” and must be an asset that represents what its holder owns.

Unlike other electronic payment systems that offer "means of payment"; netnote is a digital representation of asset(s) which are recorded on a digital distributed ledger, designed to be the "medium of exchange" in today's new cyber economy.

With times netnote will gain public adoption to serve as medium of exchange of digital economy. This signifies distributed ledger technology has re-engineered money into a perfect form to usher in a new era of the digital universe.

R E - C A S H

Netnote as alternative to banknote inherits the legacy features of conventional cash, yet delivering more advantages over it.

It is tamper proof. It guarantees absolute authenticity which means counterfeiting is totally impossible.

There is no limit on the amount of netnote one can carry, with safety and privacy as the enhanced features embedded.

The immutable transaction footprints instill accountability that is lacking in conventional cash transaction. Beyond financial inclusion and drives financial transparency !​

R E - T R U S T

User-centric design coupled with proven approaches of the modern finance, netnote delivers cashless solutions with maximum protection to notetizens.

Netnote revitalizes the fiduciary elements in conventional finance. Multilateral trust ensures seamless operations among notemunity institutions, attaining optimum "checks and balances" mechanism that eradicates doubts and uncertainties, netnoter at large stands to benefit from this financial innovation.

Netnoters’ demand and expectation are met by trust. Only virtue is needed to guarantee performance, nothing else !

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