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Notemunity comprises of three categories of institutions : custodian, issuer and architect. Independently, each institution assumes their respective duty of care in their respective line of business. Collectively, they revitalize the trust element in conventional finance that brings forth new financial innovations.

holds and administers real assets that back netnote


The custodian has the fiduciary duty to ensure the proceeds of SKR issuance are used for redemption of SKR only.

The custodian is also responsible for the identity verification of all netnoters who deal with real assets in notemunity.

issues and redeems Safe Keeping Receipt that swaps netnote


Issuer enforces SKR is non-transferable and only serves one purpose – netnote swaps.

The issuer maintains a master escrow agreement with the custodian to keep the proceeds from the issuance of SKR in a segregated account.

Issuers must be regulated institution.

designs, develops and maintains netnote ecosystem


The architect bring forth netnote applications to notemunity, integrating different elements of the ecosystem, enabling implementation of netnote.

Architect leverages their valuable information technology experience to navigate the distributed economy.


Architect innovates new commercial paradigms with distributed ledger technology.

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