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Last Modified: June 1, 2019

"Architect" - entity published on under the Architect list.

"Blockchain" - Ethereum Network


"Client" - client of Custodian.


"Credential" - Email address, username, ERP, VSP, password.


"Custodian" - entity published on under the Custodian list.


"ERP" - Encrypted Restoration Phrase.


"Issuer" - entity published on under the Issuer list.


"Mobile Devices" - any devices operating with Android or IOS operating system.


"Netnoter" - person that has successfully activated the Notevault.

"Noteapp"- web-based and mobile applications provided by Netnote Classic Inc.

"Institution" - Custodian, Issuer and Architect published on


"Services" - the functions/features available on the Noteapp.


"Site" - website with the address of or .


"VSP" - Vaultkey Seed Phrase.

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